The Longrose Project is in the Beardmore-Geraldton Greenstone Belt which is located along the boundary between the Wabigoon and Quetico subprovinces in the Superior province of the Canadian Shield. Historical gold mines and current gold exploration camps are located throughout the Beardmore-Geraldton Greenstone Belt and adjacent Wabigoon subprovince located primarily in steeply dipping ductile to brittle-ductile shear zones, with various lithologies, metamorphic grades, and alteration styles. The shear zones typically strike east-west along or parallel to the boundary of the Beardmore-Geraldton greenstone belt with the Wabigoon subprovince.

The alteration, metamorphism and sulfide mineralization that is commonly present within the Beardmore region is similar to the geology at the gold operations and previous mines at Geraldton and at Greenstone Gold. The belt is highly prospective with most mines being associated with structures. The belt has been subjected to three events. The first event D1 (pre-mineralization) involved isoclinal folding resulting from thrusting; the second, D2 event involved regional folding and shearing. The final, third event D3 involved regional transpression resulting in steeply dipping regional cleavage. Both folds and the shearing of the D2 event are parallel to the trend of the belt and overprint D1 folds. The D2 event is the most important event.