figure 02

Figure 2: Metaconglomerate sample at Longrose

figure 03

Figure 3: Greywacke and metaconglomerate outcrop

figure 04

Figure 4: Banded Iron formation found near the Leitch Gold Mine, 1 km NNE of Longrose

figure 05

Figure 5: Regional geophysical map showing historical drilling and government documented mines and mineral occurrences. Note the southern banded iron formation that transects the projects hosts a number of known mineral occurrences

figure 06

Figure 6: Satellite image showing geographical features, known deposits, mines, historical drill holes and target zones for the Longrose project.

figure 07

Figure 7: Regional geophysical map with historical drill holes and interpreted structures and folds. Historical drilling focused on structures parallel to the Leitch Gold Mine Vein and on larger folds that comprise in part banded iron formation units.